New 3A1S track #onthego available for free download

For our latest 3 Artists 1 Song project we looked within our own internal creative community at Converse.
Demos came in from all across the country. Three stood out – McWolf from Boston, Shane Willz from Santa Monica and Julie G.from LA. We flew them to Converse Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn NY where they not only met for the first time, but recorded an original song – #ONTHEGO.
Download the track from today.

Julie G
In 2007, Julie G got into electronic dance music scene and started to DJ on the side. From there, she started to produce her own music. Julie truly believes in unleashing the creative spirit will change the world. Her style and creative spirit is authentic and people admire her passion. Julie G is currently a sales associate at the Converse Outlet Store in Cabazon, CA.
Shane Willz, Welly Netto
Originally born in upstate NY and now lives in Allston, MA. McWolf got into music in the 7th grade. He found a bass guitar that belonged to his older brother and just started to learn how to play from there. In addition to playing bass guitar, he also plays the keyboard. When he’s not playing music, he enjoys skateboarding. He attended Berklee College of Music. McWolf is employed at the Converse Retail Store on Newbury Street in Boston, MA.
Shane Willz
Originally from Orange County CA, Shane Willz began playing instruments in the 3rd grade. Starting with guitar and eventually working his way into drums, piano and bass as he grew older. Shane was always inspired to do more and at the age of 17 began to truly develop his craft. Now he has become not only a talented artist, but a skilled producer and engineer as well. Having high expectations for himself to succeed, Shane is beginning to make a name for himself and is looking forward to what opportunities the future will bring. Now residing in Venice Beach CA, Shane enjoys skateboarding, drawing and cooking when he’s not making music. He is currently working on his upcoming mixtape and is employed at the Converse Retail Store in Santa Monica.

Posted on: 18 Dec 2012


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